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Our Story 

Maharaja: four elegant syllables that denote the resplendence of royalty, the might  of tradition, and the grandeur of a time long gone.


In 1978, when Raman Aggarwal started a small carpet manufacturing and exports business, he named it Maharaja Arts. More than four decades and several accolades later, the company being managed by his son Sahil Aggarwal, is still rooted in the same values as it was at its inception: a commitment to quality, upholding the age-old tradition of weaving, and a regard for the finer details. Today, Maharaja Arts is one of India’s leading carpet manufacturers, with several awards in our name by the Carpet Export Promotion Council of India.  

PEHAL : Strengthening the Basis of Education

Preserving the craft

We employ craftspeople with skill and technique, along with superior methods of manufacturing for results that are innovative, beautiful, and long-lasting. Our aim is to ensure optimal quality throughout the production process. 

PEHAL : Strengthening the Basis of Education


Maharaja Arts tries to employ artisans directly, thus eliminating a network of middlemen, resulting in higher wages for the weavers. We also encourage the employment of women weavers. 

PEHAL : Strengthening the Basis of Education


Our production and manufacturing processes use practices that are as friendly as possible to the environment. We use natural dyes only, along with materials like recycled plastic bottles. We believe that things are meant to last — whether it’s our carpets or the environment.  

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